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Visit to become a studio member. A mysterious little studio with no clear reason for existing and yet…here it is…in Preeceville, Saskatchewan. Come join the fun. Bring an idea into the world which has never been here before. Develop your own master work with the encouragement of those who have done the same before you and want nothing more than to see you create something amazing!

We produce Verboten Legacy. A browser based point and click literary game used to create the content a producer needs to access the Verboten Advanced Production Park (which may or may not be real… in whole or in part) rumoured to be near Verboten Studio in Preeceville, Saskatchewan.

Some say the park was build by the Founder as a place for artists, inventors, musicians, creators of all kinds to create their life’s work in peace. Eventually a small, but powerful secret society of rogue producers wrestled control of the park from the Founder. However, the Founder’s technology protected him. VAAP served only one master trapping all within.

Assumed dead. Forgotten. Years pass when the “troubles” begin… and rumours again circulate about activity deep in the forest… deep underground…. beyond the lake. While Verboten Studio remains silent, Preeceville shakes ever more violently until everyone is gone and the entire RM is shunned by all surrounding communities. An evil place best avoided. After years of searching you’ve finally discovered the location of Verboten Studio… or its ruins anyway. Not a soul in sight for at least an hour. A forgotten place. A remnant of better times.

What you find upon exploring the area both excites and intimidates you. This once thriving studio which produced so many fine works many decades ago has fallen deeply into decay and disrepair. It will take courage to resurrect her as there’s almost nothing left but her bones.

You can learn more in the FAQ.

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